Our mission is to civically engage Black and other disenfranchised communities through cultural upliftment, bridging social gaps, historic preservation, economic development, personal growth and artistic empowerment.


Our vision is to see San Francisco’s disenfranchised populous thriving and institutions culturally enriched.


The New Community Leadership Foundation began in 2013 and was founded by Eli Crawford III, Jameel Patterson, Omorede “Rico” Hamilton, Hugh Gregory, Daniel B. Landry and Greg Stadmire. Eli Crawford the father of the organization envisioned the NCLF as an organization that could pass the torch to the next generation. Eli began organizing a series of gatherings with various members of the community. The NCLF became incorporated as a 501 (C) 3 entity in 2015


The New Community Leadership Foundation is a 501 (C) 3, community-based organization. Officially incorporated in the year of 2015, NCLF has produced an abundance of events and activities based in the Fillmore community through which we were able to encourage engagement and activism. This organization was founded by Fillmore community members united under the vision of a new leadership initiative. We have identified and committed ourselves to work on these program areas: civic engagement, bridging social gaps, cultural upliftment, economic development, historic preservation, personal development and artistic empowerment.