Technical economic and cultural hub

Our Technical Economic and Cultural Hub features Small Business UpSkill – a program that works towards the growth of financial health and well being.  We serve businesses deeply rooted in low-income and in historically underserved communities throughout San Francisco, placing an emphasis on our clients’ needs and where they are in their life stage.  

UpSkill provides technical assistance and services to micro businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs , at differing s, offering: grant identification and application support; assistance in market readiness; business plan and IDP development; organizing small business finances; budgeting/forecasting, marketing and communications, including digital skillset development; coaching/mentoring and network connections.


NCLF has supported more than 100 small business owners and entrepreneurs with services that include: business set-up, including LLCs and Sole Proprietor.ships; attaining SF Business Permit, Supplier, and Bidder status; mobile truck set up; business plan development; business service trainings; development of business plans; mentoring services; marketing and outreach training. training and technical assistance; improved digital skillsets and more.