Many San Franciscans, particularly in marginalized communities, do not know how to participate in and improve their community and overall city. Our organization provides education on how to be a civically engaged member of the Western Addition / Fillmore community and San Francisco.

Goals & Objectives

  • Register community members to vote
  • Inform the community on how to engage with city government and its departments
  • Conduct town hall meetings and workshops on communal issues
  • Organize rallies to educate and organize the community


Our organization welcomes and encourages the social diversity of age, race, and background. This unique dynamic allows us to embrace and utilize a holistic approach to our work.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create a platform for seniors to share their experiences and stories with younger generations
  • Offer a respectful and safe environment for seniors and younger community members to collaborate on projects
  • Offer community activities that bring together the diverse cultures of the Fillmore community


By bringing corner streets, senior centers, and public housing developments together in the Western Addition / Fillmore community, our culturally enriching events allow community members to explore their culture and build relationships with each other.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create communal areas and spaces for members to meet and enjoy events
  • Offer events that represent black history and narratives
  • Cultural and historic preservation


We are driven to preserve the heritage, legacy, landmarks and history of African Americans in Fillmore and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Goals & Objectives

  • Rebuild the Fillmore Heritage Center in the image of the community it was intended to serve.
  • Renovate the Fillmore Mini Park.
  • Historic Walking and Mobile Tours


Our goal is to ensure the growth of marginalized communities like the Western Addition / Fillmore. We advocate for economic growth through workforce development, strong business alliances, entrepreneurship opportunities and marketing commercial corridors.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide a corridor walk that will spark foot traffic in the community and engage businesses
  • Support local businesses through relationships
  • Offer education about finances to the community
  • Educating the neighborhood on community benefit agreements


Our referral-based services use community outreach at our events and activities as a starting point to engage community members that need direct services. An initial intake form is given to potential mentees, then followed up with a referral form in which the mentee will indicate what areas of service they need referrals for.

Mentees level of risk will be assessed to determine who will best serve as a mentor to them:

  • At Risk: An individual who is currently facing some challenges that will require intervention to prevent them from progressing down the wrong path;
  • In Risk: An individual who is currently facing some challenges that will require intervention to prevent them from progressing down the wrong path; and
  • High Risk: An individual who is already involved in the system, whether that be someone on their way out of jail or someone on probation.

Goals & Objectives

  • Set up and complete measurable outcomes to create meaningful impact(s) in the mentee’s life;
  • Establish 30-, 60- and 90-day goals for mentees to connect with local service providers and/or institutions for case-management and other long-term services; and
  • Mentees will achieve easily identifiable outcomes in education, housing, employment, mental health, creative arts, health and nutrition.


Artist centered approach to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists through innovative programming, experimentation and collaboration. We create opportunities to support economic and cultural development through cultural activities and facilitate connections between artists and the broader stakeholders in urban planning.

Goals & Objectives

  • Invest in emerging and established artists through paid gigs through our events and activities.
  • Allow a safe space for community members to explore and cultivate their artistic expression through music, art, and dance
  • Preserving the history of Black music in San Francisco.
  • Create grassroots initiatives between diverse communities, artists, professionals and non-artists.