Programs – archive

At New Community Leadership Foundation, we are focused on delivering a range of programs and services to advance our mission to transform and empower black and other disenfranchised communities in San Francisco, California. Many of our programs are created and delivered in tandem with other organizations in the public and private sectors that share our larger vision for a more equitable city.

Historic Preservation:

We work to preserve and protect historical landmarks important to San Francisco’s minority communities. As part of this work, we educate the community about the rich legacy, heritage, and contributions of Black people in San Francisco by curating walking tours and public ceremonies and promoting existing and new commemorative plaques, historic markers, and public monuments.

Economic Development:

We cultivate strong workforce development, business alliances, and entrepreneurship opportunities to grow marginalized communities. We also support local businesses by coordinating entrepreneurship and financial literacy training and organize economic justice campaigns.

Civic Engagement:

We educate our community members on the importance of civic engagement. As part of this, we assist with voter registration, conduct town hall meetings and awareness workshops, and organize rallies around causes we care about.

Cultural Upliftment:

We encourage the development of new relationships with each other by exploring black history and narratives. Our stories, traditions, and cultures are celebrated through community activities incorporating music, art, and dance.

Artistic Empowerment:

We create opportunities to support the economic development of artists by facilitating connections between artists and the broader stakeholders involved in urban planning. Our artist-centered approach supports emerging and underrepresented artists through innovative programming, experimentation, and collaboration.

Equity Advancement:

Our organization collaborates with partners in the education, government, and private sectors to ensure all people experience a sense of inclusion and belonging in their space. We get to the core of the positive cultural change necessary to promote equity by advising and coaching individuals and organizations toward creating a common language, consciousness, and value in closing disparities.

Resource Directory:

We strive to connect community members with important local resources through a robust online directory offering the option to connect with an advisor trained to identify available resources and services. Local organizations and businesses can also directly add their resources and services to the directory to expand their reach.

Cultural Calendar:

Our interactive, collaborative cultural calendar enlightens the community about events important to San Francisco’s Black community as well as anyone who cares about diversity and equity in our city. Anyone is invited to schedule their own events on the calendar.