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Cycle 2 — December 1st, 2022 – February 28th, 2023
(App. due by 10.12.22)

Cycle 3 — March 1st, 2023 – May 31st, 2023

(App. due by 1.11.23)
In 2020, COVID-19 brought the production of cultural and community events and outings to a grinding halt, with far-reaching consequences to the workers and stakeholders in those event-planning industries. The implications were especially dire for Black workers tasked with navigating economic hardship prior to the shutdowns.
Through funding from the City’s Dream Keeper Initiative, and in partnership with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Human Rights Commission, En2action developed the Mini-Grants Program as an initiative instrumental in both neighborhoods’ economic recovery, and the goal of preserving Black culture and communities in the City.
The Program offers up to $7,500 in funding for community members, community-based organizations (CBO’s), and stakeholders to carry out neighborhood-based Black cultural functions and events across five key districts in the City of San Francisco:
• Lakeview
• OMI (Oceanview, Merced Heights, Ingleside)
• Sunnydale
• Tenderloin
• Visitacion Valley
Applications for the Mini-Grants Program consider the individual grantee, as well as the event(s) proposed. Grantees are required to be:

San Francisco residents

Preferably working / living in the neighborhoods their proposed event(s) are in

Events must be free and open to the public

Eligibility is determined through our scoring rubric, which considers genre of event, public accessibility, timeline, CBO affiliation, and commitment to the Black community/Black culture, among other graded criteria. Our selection process is handled by the Mini-Grants Review & Selection committee. Eligible events will occur within one of three approved grant cycles: